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Here at Axum Oils, we want our clients to feel pampered inside and out. We're here to help guide you on the journey of self-care & rejuvenation. Specializing in plant based hair & skin care, we believe in taking the most natural approach to things, which reflects in our products & services. Indulge in a service, check out our online store, or visit the blog for DIY self-care tips you can use at home to keep your mind, body & spirit refreshed.


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The kingdom of Aksum (Axum) was based in what is now northern Ethiopia and southern & eastern Eritrea in the early 1st century and served as the region's capital for several centuries. The Aksum kingdom became a significant entity along the Indo-Roman trade route. Along with Persia, China & Rome, Aksum was considered one of the ancient world's four great powers and also minted it's own coins. 





Re-integrating back into a "normal" life isn't always what they say it'll be like...BUT it doesn't have to be stressful. TRY THIS: Add chamomile tea to your routine for its calming properties or grab calming herbs such as lavender & chamomile and tie them at the base & hang them in the shower, for added relaxation & feelings of calm and wellness.