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Rosemary Sprig

About Us

"A solution is what we strive to be at Axum Oils".

Founded by a mother of 3 (soon to be 4), loctician, writer, & product creator Samantha Simms, Axum Oils has gone from a novice hair-grooming business to a service & product provider that offers solutions for the body, mind, & spirit.

Growing up in a Caribbean household, Samantha is no stranger to plants and their therapeutic and medicinal properties.

They've been an integral part of African and Afro-Caribbean culture for centuries,  providing healing & pain relief to the recipients of herbal poultices, tinctures, & teas.

"Being a mother, and always seeking solutions to keep my children healthy is part of how Axum Oils had been conceived.

Ultimately, my goal is to introduce & maintain natural products to the market that speak to everyday hair & skin issues  that we all experience. As a mother, I firmly believe that there are ways that we can keep ourselves and our little ones healthy on a proactive basis."-Founder

"I also know that it's time for many of us to awaken to the fact that self-care is more than just aesthetics. One of my greatest desires in life is to ensure that there are affordable & authentic plant-based products available that will encourage us all to pour into ourselves while we receive the nourishment we need from them." 

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