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What Exactly IS an Essential Oil?

Essential oils (EOs) have been used since Ancient times until present day and are an amazing! Cherished for their ability to enhance health, beauty and flavors, essential oils were very hard to attain and extremely valuable, oftentime only available to the wealthy. EOs are basically the immune systems and essences of plants, their bark, seeds, resins, flowers, leaves, roots and stems. EOs from citrus fruits are derived from the pith.

A lot of people believe that EOs are just something that come from flowers and are pleasing to the nose. Scientifically speaking, EOs are comprised of thousands of chemicals which bonded together, create very unique healing properties.

How can we be sure that these healing properties are for real you ask? Well, when we take a closer look at the chemical makeup of oils such as Tea Tree, we see how. *Tea Tree Oil in particular, consists of compounds called a-& y-terpinenes, Terpinen-4-ol & p-cymene. These compounds are antibacterial, antifungal, antiseptic, & analgesic in nature. They allow for a plant such as Melaleuca alternifolia (where tea tree is derived) to survive in climates which harbour mold, and fungus.

Because we, as humans, are carbon based just like our plant counterparts, our bodies understand the chemicals that they naturally produce. This allows us to use those chemicals (the plant's immune system) to fortify OUR immune systems as well as other systems and parts of our bodies.

How do we get the oil out of the plant you ask? It depends. There are 2 ways this can occur. The first is steam distillation, and the second is cold pressing. I particularly endorse only one brand of essential oils called DoTerra. I do, because after they process the plants/fruit, they also have the oils triple-tested by a third party company to sure that the oils are always therapeutic grade, organic, and potent. These oils can be taken internally unlike many of the oils on the market which are diluted with synthetic or low quality oils. Of course there are some oils, no matter WHAT brand, that can NEVER be ingested otherwise everything will go right to hell in a handbasket! So please always read the label before trying any oil.

Nature herself has so much to offer if we pay attention. It is easy to buy a tar-based shampoo to get rid of dandruff or lice. It is also easy to put tea tree oil into your current shampoo to give it the chemical power it needs to do the same thing. The difference is, while using tea tree oil, you are using something that is compatible with your own chemical makeup, and doesn't cause other problems while trying to solve the first one.

I encourage you to try something new. I encourage you to try something that works with your body. I encourage you to try essential oils.

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