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Updated: Jan 18

How Much Rest Are You Getting?

As work culture becomes more intense, many of us can find ourselves extending past the point of our comfort zones, especially within the last 2 years.

In an effort to keep productivity up, sleep is often given a back seat to the tasks that keep us up and at em'.

What's so terrible about losing a few hours of rest when you're experiencing great work momentum right? Incorrect!

When we give ourselves the opportunity to sleep, we are literally recharging ourselves. Just like food is our medicine, sleep and rest help our batteries to recharge.

Have you ever gone to work the morning after a long event? How did you feel? Likely groggy and unfocused right? When sleep is sacrificed, you're also sacrificing your body's time to heal, your cell rejuvenation & repair, and so much more.

Studies show that getting at least 8 Hours of sleep is optimal. It can sometimes feel impossible to get that many hours in for the average bear however, your long-term performance depends on how you treat your sleep today.

One way to increase your energy and have access to it for a longer period of time, is to eat more whole raw foods. Upon breastfeeding her second child Ms. Simms, the founder of Axum Oils, found herself looking for solutions that would gain her more energy. Upon eating raw foods for most of her meals for 3 days (Ie. Kale salad, whole fruits & veggies & nuts), the amount of energy gained was shocking.

Now, it's not being suggested that you replace your sleep with eating more of a raw diet, however we are recommending that you add more hours to your designated sleep time and increase the amount of raw whole foods you consume for better results where energy increase is concerned.

Please remember that a balanced diet, sleep, and exercise make a balanced individual. Don't forget to drink plenty of water which helps to flush your kidneys and liver. And most importantly, remember...You're Worth It Love!

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